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klei creates magic with natural elements

1. What inspired you to start KLEI? I started my career in the fashion industry as a buyer, a job that I thought was my dream job. After a few disappointing years of toxic workplaces, and witnessing immeasurable waste produced by the companies I was working for, thanks to their production processes, I decided to start Klei. As a young girl, I really enjoyed making fun, DIY products out of ingredients in my family's kitchen. While still working full-time, I revisited that passion and started by making the Nourish clay mask. I like to think of my products not as beauty products, but as self-care. Creating Klei was my own form of self-care. 2. How does KLEI incorporate sustainable business practices in the core of its functions?

Sustainability is at the core of Klei. There is zero water in my formulations. This not only reduces usage of the world's most precious resource, but it also creates a lifelong shelf-life. Realistically, unless you're using a product every single day, there's no way that you're going to use it all up in under a year. I also focus on constantly reducing the waste that Klei produces. By doing something as small as recycling and reusing bubble-wrap whenever possible, to not using superfluous packaging like product boxes, I am constantly working to make Klei as sustainable as possible.  3. What are your most popular products?

My floral facial steams, Detox and Uplift, are so popular right now! I love seeing people use them on Instagram. A facial steam is amazing to do as the weather gets colder, as they help with congestion and dry skin. 

4. With increasing competition in the cosmetics industry, how does KLEI plan to continuously differentiate itself?

I'm always working on new ways to make Klei more sustainable, and looking for new formulations and new product ideas. The willingness to embrace new ideas, and accept feedback and update things accordingly, is so important in an industry where new brands pop up everyday. I'm currently working on something really new and exciting for Klei, stay tuned! 5. If you had to share one piece of advice with new business owners, what would it be?

Trust your process and vision, but also be willing to learn and change. I bootstrapped Klei all by myself, and having a (very) small amount of money to invest really forced me to constantly work on my process, and learn to adapt.

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