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The unique fragrance of sana jardin

1.What was the inspiration that started Sana Jardin? 

My grandmother, Mary Pomeroy, was a pioneering visionary in the 1960’s who co-founded The United States Delegation for Friendship Among Women. She gifted me with the desire to work towards social justice and empowering women economically. I used to work as a direct practice social worker on the west side of Chicago with struggling families and individuals, and I soon realised I could have a greater impact if I focused on helping these groups on an institutional level by enabling them to access to financial opportunity. Sana Jardin was created with the belief that this bottle of perfume can transform lives and change the way business is done.

2. How do you engage sustainable business practices in the production of your products?

Sana Jardin is ethical in as many touch-points as possible. Supporting people in the supply

chain as much as possible, is important in any, and every, industry. I think fragrance offers a

unique opportunity to do this as perfume production employs low-income people from

developing countries so there is a built in community to provide social impact services that

will enhance the quality of their life. We provide a closed loop system that enable our

female harvesters in Morocco (who exist on seasonal employment only) to upcycle floral

waste into their own line of products which they sell nationally. Through having full time

work their income has gone up by 250%.  

3. What are your most popular fragrances?

Sana Jardin has seven eau de parfums and our current best sellers are Berber Blonde and

Sandalwood Temple. I created Berber Blonde because I could never find a natural, glittering

orange blossom fragrance. I wear it every day and it makes me feel like I am encased in a

halo of healing sunshine that leaves a trail of magic. Sandalwood Temple has notes of East

Indian sandalwood with creamy Madagascan vanilla. For the thousands of years sandalwood

has been used to open the third eye and enable you to transcend to a higher spiritual realm.

4. As the number of players in the beauty and cosmetics industry continue to increase, how to do you plan to stay ahead of your competition? 

This is a time where consumers are increasingly aware of the significance and importance of

social and ethical issues that can be affected by their own consumption. At Sana Jardin we

give the wearer a role to create a cycle of change and through this we empower all women

in this circle, from harvester to consumer. There is integrity behind every aspect of the

business I believe if we stay authentic to our core values then hopefully we can be example

for other brands to follow and make the beauty industry more sustainable and transparent.

5. What is your advice to small business owners of today? 

I feel like one of the most important things we can focus on as business owners in general is

to be more responsible citizens to this planet. I feel there is an increasing relationship

between commerce and sustainability, the two are no longer mutually exclusive.

Sustainability is becoming good business and my advice to small business owners is to not

shy away from this. Sana Jardin demonstrates it is possible to offer a beautiful product with

a powerful consumer choice.

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